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  • Dec, 05 2019
    Short Version:
    Go to any other agent in the area. The poor management and unprofessional nature of this office is astounding. It seems the mismanagement is purposeful to increase the office's business numbers through fee gouging by changing policies without authorization or failing to change policy as directed by the customer.

    Detailed Version:
    I have been a customer with this office since March of 2016 when I transferred to the area.

    In May, my car was totaled and I suspended my policy. I registered my new car with them in mid June and brought to their attention a charge on my account for the car policy I had suspended. Since then, I have been on the phone with team members in the office and the corporate office at least once a week for almost two months now. Still, I have the same bill on my account for a policy that was suspended.

    Each time I call, the office assures me that they are working to get the problem resolved, but there is always someone else at State Farm they blame. At the end of July, the office gave me a revised bill that I was told covered all policy changes to my account from the time I suspended my first car policy to through the month of July. I was also told that when my next bill came for August, the charge for the suspended policy would be removed from my account. During this time, I have received numerous emails and notices regarding "missed payments," as well as cancellation notices for failure to make such payments.

    Devious/Deceptive Business Practices:
    During this time, my renter's insurance lapsed unexplainably. It is set to auto-renew and the only charge I have left unpaid is for the suspended car insurance policy. My only guess is that the office is padding its numbers through fees. No one in the office can explain why the renter's policy failed to renew or why I was not given notice that it was about to lapse. The unauthorized lapse of this policy has caused a slight increase in my premiums but now there is a fee to reinstate the policy that I never authorized to end. This seems similar to the recent fee gouging system Wells Fargo has been caught doing.

    When I checked my account for my August bill, I found that not only had the suspended policy bill not been removed, but that my renters insurance policy had been cancelled.

    So, in the last two months, I have been jerked around on a regular basis, trying to get something resolved that initially started out as a simple mistake by an office worker (failing to suspend the policy on a total-loss vehicle when directed). Now, I have a two-month old charge STILL on my account, my premiums have gone up because a separate policy of mine was cancelled without authorization, and I have almost $100 extra of "policy change" charges, half of which were said to have already been resolved.

    This has been the most ridiculous and infuriating exchange over what most likely started as simple human error. The team members at this office have promised time and time again to get this issue resolved, and here I am, two months later, still fighting with them. When I mentioned changing agents, office employee Joanna became rude and confrontational.
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